Man Goes To Throw Trash In Dumpster And Finds Two Black Puppies

I will never understand how people can mistreat and abuse animals.  There are thousands of pets that suffer from abuse and neglect every single day, and it just breaks our hearts.

Having three dogs of my own, I know how special animals can be.  They provide comfort and friendship even on the worst days.  Pets make excellent additions to most families.

However, not every pet is compatible with every family, and sometimes the relationships just doesn’t work out.  Which is why most cities across the country have shelters where pets can be dropped off when this happens.  They are cared for and treated with dignity. They take pride in providing animals with love and kindness until they can find a forever family.

Which makes this story even more troublesome:

A man in San Diego went to take his garbage to the dumpster as noticed something that just didn’t seem right.  He noticed a discarded chip box with two small animals inside.

As he reached in and inspected the box closer, he discovered two helpless puppies.

Thanks to this man who took the puppies to the nearest animal shelter where they received care and will continue to get help finding a foster home. Cheeto and Frida are safe now.

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