Man tries stealing a package, but this brave dog comes to save the day


Since the “Amazon Age,” it seems like packages are constantly on everyone’s doorstep. Why go to the store, when something can be shipped conveniently to your home? The biggest issue with this uprising way of buying things is theft. Think about it, if a box is on your doorstep, it is so easily accessible to anyone nearby. Therefore, there has been a growth in packages being stolen off of peoples porches. But there is one dog determined to not let this go on any longer.


Zero, an adorable 9-year-old black lab, was never perceived as a watchdog by his mother. Recently, he proved her wrong.

Whitney King Cahoon, Zero’s mom, told:


“He loves swimming and playing ball. He is scared of almost everything but very lovable.”

For Zero’s entire life, he has been nothing but a good dog. Also, he is extremely mild mannered. Cahoon never expected her dog to be a hero one day. But he proved her wrong.


During a normal day, Cahoon was inside her home relaxing. Then she noticed a commotion outside. In order to see what truly happened, the woman watched her front door camera tapes.

What she saw absolutely shocked her. While she was inside, a man came to her porch and attempted to steal a package from her front porch. But the next thing she saw was even more shocking. Zero had run out after him trying to stop him in the act. package

Cahoon explains,


“I didn’t expect him

to go after them, but I am proud of him for scaring them off. He earned his keep.”

Luckily for her, Zero stopped the man. Along with stopping him, he scared the man enough for him to drop the package.


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