Man tries to catch a nap outside, but what he wakes up to sitting on his stomach is hilarious!


Making friends is not always the easiest thing to do. While it may come easy for some people, finding true friends can take some effort. You may meet a new person on social media or maybe at a place of common interest, but it still usually requires some effort. You need to be out there online or going outside of your home to find new friends. However, one man was blessed by making a true friend in the most unusual way. He just took a nap at home, and a friend showed up sleeping on him.


Source: Ali Safa

Ali Safa, of Canberra, Australia is more of an introverted person than an extrovert. He doesn’t have a desire to spend a lot of time with people. So when Ali had some free time, he looked forward to spending his day playing games, watching tv and taking a nap in the garden. It was a day that he planned on enjoying to the fullest just the way that he wanted to.


Source: Ali Safa

Ali Was Surprised To Find A Ratlike Animal Laying On Him


Ali lay down to take a nap. It was a beautiful day so he decided to take a nap outside. He slept for about 2 hours and then awoke to find an animal sleeping on his stomach. “I was taking a nap on the balcony of our house, and, like two hours later, I woke up and I found her just napping on my stomach,” Ali said. “At first, I thought she was a rat.”


Source: Ali Safa

The animal sleeping on Ali’s stomach was no rat. She was a tiny kitten and the kitten had him at hello, or rather the first purrs. “I never really had a pet and I am a bit of a loner so I don’t have many friends, too,” Ali said. “While she was sleeping I kept hearing that ‘purr’ sound cats make and it was the cutest (stuff) I have ever heard.”


The kitten eventually woke up and the two new friends were smitten with each other. But it didn’t take long for the malnourished kitty to tell Ali that she was starving. “The first thing she does is step down [off] the sofa, look me in the eyes and start meowing nonstop for 20 seconds,” he said. “She’s obviously hungry, so guess who’s sharing the chicken wings my mom made?”


Ali Names His New Friend “Angel”


With their first shared meal now history, Ali thought he would give his new friend a forever home. “There really aren’t any house rules against pets in my family and she looked like she can use some family, so I was like, ‘Screw it, I’m keeping her.’” He gave his kitten a name befitting to her and how she just showed up out of nowhere. He named her Angel.


Ali did what any good cat owner would do. He took her to a veterinarian for a checkup. It turns out that Angel didn’t have any illness. She did get a microchip though to identify herself as his cat.


Source: Ali Safa

Ali and Angel’s bond has grown tighter as the weeks have gone by. “All I can say is that she is the most fun cat I have ever gotten to play with. All she does is just roam around me all day wanting pets or to play.” And Angel makes certain that she never goes unnoticed. “I’d be on my laptop working and she would just jump on my keyboard and sit between my arms. Picking her up and putting her down on the ground won’t help because she would just jump right back up until she gets the petting she wants.”


This friendship has blossomed into a match made in heaven. With a name like Angel, how couldn’t it be?

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