Man Wanted To Adopt A Puppy–Mom Says Only If You Get A Million Retweets

As animal lovers, we are all familiar with that “feeling” you get when you found an animal that is destined to be yours. Well, it was no different for 19-year-old Ryan Sesselman. As soon as he laid eyes on this adorable puppy at an adoption event, he knew she was destined to join his family.

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Finding the dog wasn’t the only hurdle, however. Now it was time to convince Ryan’s mother that adding another puppy to the household would be a good idea.


You see, Ryan’s family already has two dogs in the home. Ryan knew that his mom would be less than thrilled to add another fluffy mouth to the house. As a result, Ryan quickly came up with a plan to allow the good people of Twitter to decide for them.

Ryan talked to The Dodo about his grand plan.

“I asked my mom how many retweets it would take to convince her,” said Ryan. “I suggested 10,000 – thinking that’s a lot and she will agree. She then replies, ‘One million.’”

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Well, one million is undoubtedly a tall order. Ryan is no internet celebrity. With only 200 of his followers on Twitter, it seemed utterly ludicrous that his simple plea for a puppy would go viral.

However, he was thoroughly in love with the little furball and would stop at nothing to bring her home.

“I decided to give it a shot,” said Ryan.

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Then, the craziest most unexpected thing happened – it worked.

“I posted it that afternoon, and when I woke up the net day I had 222 retweets and was impressed. The entire day my friends and I, who went and saw her yesterday, were just watching the retweets go up and up and up,” Ryan told he Dodo. “I woke up the next day and it had 149,000 retweets, which I couldn’t believe. It was unreal to me that 149,000 people retweeted it, and then it just spread so much faster after that. In four days, I got one million retweets, making it the 10th most retweeted tweet of all time.”

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So not only did Ryan achieve his goal, he even broke records while doing so.


Ryan was shocked, and he wasn’t the only one.

“My mom could not believe it,” said Ryan. “She never thought it would happen.”

Even though Ryan’s mom couldn’t believe her luck, she held up her end of the bargain, though. That very same day, Ryan and his mom went to see the pup that won his heart and a million retweets. Wouldn’t you know it, that tiny little puppy had the same effect on his mom?

“The second she saw her, she fell in love,” explained Ryan. “We filled out the adoption forms and everything that was needed to bring her home with us that day.”

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To pay homage to what should have been an impossible number of retweets, Ryan named his new puppy “Milli.” Milli fit right into her new home, just like Ryan knew she would.

She loves the outdoors! Full of energy

— Ryan Sesselman (@RyanSesselman) June 17, 2018

Ryan used the entire experience to highlight the power of positivity.

“Anything is possible, honestly,” said Ryan. “It’s truly incredible how well this turned out. Milli is the cutest little puppy and makes us all so happy.”

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Congratulations, Ryan, on your new furbaby. We are all so happy that things worked out the way they did. Share this inspiring love story with your friends to lift their spirits today.

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