Man Wants To Know Which Of His Dogs Chewed His Shoe, Guilty Party Adorably Confesses

After Daniel Martino found his slippers chewed apart he faced his dogs questioning which of the two was responsible for the sneaky deed.

“Who was it? Who did this to my insole? Which one of you two was it?”

Senor Pit Bull “cracks” under the pressure. His guilt is shown in his lowered head.  But he goes even further confessing his wrongdoing by snuggling with his “accomplice”.  He even tries to hide in a potted shrub nearby.

The whole time the long-haired Dachshund just looks straight ahead at his human with his big puppy dog eyes.

I’m just saying if this isn’t the first time…maybe I would put my shoes somewhere the duo can’t get to them.

The pair looks sorry, I would forgive them.  Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Do your dogs chew on your shoes?  What did you do to train them?

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