Man yells at her from a distance and abandons the puppies right in front of her

Have you ever just been at the right place at the right time?  Tamara Johnson wasn’t planning any of this when she woke up but she told us what happened to her that day.

Walking down the street she hears someone yelling at her:

“You, you, you!” Tamara Johnston heard a man call out to her while feeding some stray dogs in Thailand.

“He was pointing, and I thought he was telling me to feed my street dogs in one particular place, but then I saw a basket,” Johnston, founder of Thai Street Paws Rescue, recalls, “Then I heard them say in Thai that there were puppies.”

Approaching Johnston, the man opened his plastic mesh basket to reveal three little puppies. On the streets nearby, another puppy from the same litter was running around.

Wanting to help the 2-month-old pups, Johnston hesitated. Currently, she takes care of nearly 100 dogs. With this, she struggles to pay for food and medical care. With a limited number of helpers, she is responsible for most of the work.

If she didn’t take them, the man said he would dump them. This left Johnston in a tough situation.

“These puppies were so scared and looking at me,” Johnston said. “They needed help.”

“It’s pretty common here that once puppies get to a certain age, and they start to wander … people don’t want them around anymore,” Johnston said. “Because then they’re getting older and they start to reproduce.”

In Thailand, they have tons and tons of dogs living in the streets. Had these puppies stayed on the streets, they would not have a chance.

Reluctantly, Johnston brought the puppies back with her. Before joining the rest of her dogs, she kept them in quarantine to scan them for any sort of disease. Covered in fleas and ticks, the poor pups were starving. Lucky for them, Johnston fed them and hopes to bring them back to full health. She says that once they gain their strength back, they will be open for adoption anywhere in the world.

While these puppies might be safe now, there are still thousands of dogs desperately looking for help in Thailand. She does everything she can to help, but the issue is too big for her to handle alone.

“People here often take pictures of me and laugh, instead of offering a helping hand,” Johnston reveals, “People will ask for my help without offering any. So, on top of my actual job of rescuing and treating, I also have to deal with so many outside obstacles that just make my job even more difficult. But I’m determined and will never give up on these dogs or any other animal that needs my help.”

To help with these dogs or any of the other 100’s running around on the streets visit Thai Street Paws Rescue to find out what you can do.

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