A Man's Heart Drops When He Realizes What He Found Scooting Around On The Floor


It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is; none should have to suffer any form of abuse. Whether at the hands of another human or another animal, it’s our job as humans to take care of creatures large and small the inhabit this planet alongside us.

A caretaker in England recently had the scare of a lifetime when he was closing up at work one early morning at the University of Sheffield in England. He was closing up one of the student housing halls, and after he entered the kitchen, a small animal started to scurry towards him. It was around 3 a.m., and at first, he didn’t believe his eyes.

Then, when he finally noticed what it was he was looking at, his stomach dropped, and his heart skipped a beat.


The animal the caretaker found was a hedgehog, and the poor little guy wasn’t doing so good. Hedgehogs are covered in nearly 5,000 spines that help them fight off predators. It looked as though this guy’s had all been cut off.

Hedgehogs, like any other wild animal, should always be left where they belong: In the wild. They are not pets and should never be treated as one.


The man couldn’t ignore the horrific abuse the little guy had endured. He rushed Frankie (later named by his rescuers) to the Cawthorne Hedgehog Rescue and Care center in Barnsley. It was there he was given painkillers and medication to help cure the ringworms he had.


Frankie was looked after by Allan Broadhead and his wife, Anita.  They run the sanctuary together. Allan spoke about Frankie’s condition after he arrived at the center:

“It’s an act of absolute cruelty and whoever has done it needs to be brought to book, Frankie was in such bad condition that we actually thought he might have been used as a football.”

Frankie got to spend several months as a healthy and happy cared for hedgehog in the center.

Sadly, he passed away before making a full recovery. There is currently an ongoing investigation to find out what happened to him in that college dorm.

His story is a heart-wrenching tale of exactly why these types of animals should never be kept as a pet.

Share Frankie’s tale so more little guys don’t have to share his fate.

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