Massive 28-Pound Cat Shows up and Shocks Shelter Workers in Florida

We all know by now that animals end up in shelters for many different reasons. Now and then they are pulled from an abusive house. Sometimes, an animal’s family can’t keep them for one reason or another. And other times, the animal is living alone on the streets. No matter the reason, though, that an animal shows up at a shelter, usually, they are skinny and traumatized. Well, the guy you are about to meet was a shock. Shelter workers did not expect a 28-pound cat to show up on their doorstep.


After the 28-pound cat arrived, it didn’t take long for workers to name him Doughnut. You see, people at the rescue organization reported that Doughnut’s parents loved him very much. Actually, maybe a little bit too much.

Image from Jacksonville Human Society via Facebook

Workers at the rescue knew that no matter who adopted Doughnut, they would need to put him on a diet. Doughnut is obviously a kitty that is very food-driven, and he needs to lose a little of that fluff. Whoever adopts him will need to see to that.

Image from Jacksonville Human Society via Facebook

“We know the extra pounds make him cute but it’s not healthy,” wrote the organization on Facebook.


Workers at the shelter also wrote that Doughnut is “thick” and their “biggest boii ever.” On one photo, Doughnut earned the caption, “13/10 on the chonk chart.”

Image from Jacksonville Human Society via Facebook

Now, most of us know that when a cat lives indoors, you have to be careful about their weight. If a cat can simply gorge themselves and lay around receiving pets, you know they will take full advantage. Sadly, Doughnut’s owners took that to a whole other level.

Image from Jacksonville Human Society via Facebook

When Doughnut showed up at the Jacksonville Humane Society, he weighed three times what a healthy cat is supposed to weigh.


Fortunately, the cat-loving people of Jacksonville did not hold his weight against him.

Image from Jacksonville Human Society via Facebook

It only took three days for someone to pick the big boii as their new family member. Doughnut found himself a new home quickly, thanks to the efforts of the shelter workers and, of course, these amazing Facebook photos.

Here at Animals Being Cute, we would like to wish Doughnut a wonderful life with his new family. Oh, and good luck on that diet.

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Featured Image from Jacksonville Human Society via Facebook

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