Mastiff Hangs Himself Trying To Escape Hot Vehicle, 13 Year Old Quickly Takes Action

Thirteen-year-old boys are usually oblivious to anything going on around them. But not Bradley North. This day he was leaving school with his friends they noticed a French Mastiff alone in a car with no windows open. The boys approached slowly to check on the dog what happened next turned Bradley into a superhero.

As you might know, mastiffs are not tiny dogs, as a matter of fact, they are one of the largest breeds. You can only imagine when the boys got closer the big dog was so excited to see them coming for him that he jumped right through the closed window and ended up accidentally hanging himself from his leash.

Bradley rushed over to the dog only to discover the door was locked.  He tried feverously to pull the leash but was unable to free the dog.  Luckily, Bradley was able to free him by unbuckling the dog’s collar.  The mastiff fell to the ground unconscious.  He waited with the dog until he came to and the owners showed up.  The owners were grateful and thanked him for saving the dog.

This video of his rescue has gone viral, Bradley has had an outpouring of gratitude and praise from complete strangers.

 “I only did what I would expect others to do if they saw my dog in trouble.”

Wow from a 13-year-old boy?  Way to go, Bradley, you are our hero!

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