Meet Benny The Dog That Loves Ice Skating, His Skills Are Impressive

Shelter dogs usually end up being adopted by an amazing family but some do not ever feel the love of a family. When five-year-old pooch, Benny, was about to be euthanized, there was no hope. But unexpectedly, the kind dog was adopted and right when he needed it the most. Cheryl Del Sangro, a woman from Las Vegas, adopted Benny.

Cheryl was different than any other person that looked to adopt Benny because she is a skating coach. How does that effect Benny you must ask? Well once she began to know Benny better, she brought him with her to the skating rink. Cheryl realized how much Benny loved the ice, so she made him a very special pair of doggy-ice-skates.

Ever since Benny has been skating, he has absolutely loved it! The two skate together almost every week. Every time the sweet pet enters the rink he gets super excited. His love of ice skating doesn’t just stop with leisurely skating. Benny has recently begun to skate in front of an audience.  He spends his time entertaining at the University of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Knights. Whenever the players are not on the ice, you can catch Benny sliding around on the ice.

Dogs have been known to hunt, find drugs, and maybe even skateboard. Benny’s talent for ice skating is unlike any other. His natural talent is not only shocking but almost impossible. He is setting new records while making a name for himself. You will be amazed by his skills!

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