They Were Afraid Of Her Because She Looks Life A Wolf–Watch Her Dramatic Transformation

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After somebody saw a “wolf” wandering in LA, they called Hope for Paws. Hope for Paws rescues abandoned and abused animals.

Immediately, they ran to the scene to see how they could help. Upon arrival, they saw the “wolf.”


First, on the scene, Lisa Chiarelli trapped the dog in a fenced yard. After examining the dog, they saw a rope attached to her neck. The “wolf” appeared dirty and covered with infections. To their surprise, they realized this “wolf” was actually a stray dog.

Earning her trust, they fed her lots of treats. Naming her Julia, the team realized she was in a lot of pain. After seeing how swollen she was from infections, they took her to the vet. The team claimed she bled from her paws and had pus oozing everywhere. Julia seemed to be in quite a bad shape.

After some bathing and pampering, the team realized she was a German Shepard Husky mix. Only two years old, Julia needs a happy, loving home.

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