Kitty Goes Missing For Years–He Doesn't Get The Welcome He Expects When He Returns Home


Meet Dexter the cat. He lives in Belfast, Ireland. He went missing three years ago. Somehow, he managed to not only survive on his own in that time, but he also found his way to his family. Well, he thought he had. In a sad twist, Dexter’s owner didn’t want him back.

Dexter managed to survive all those years on his own, and when they found his family through his microchip, they said they could no longer care for him.

The poor little spotted black and white cat from Dungannon was bereft. Can you imagine? He spent three years, probably thinking of nothing else except returning home to his family, only to be turned away at the door.


Dexter did manage to find himself a friendly nursing home called the Apple Blossom Lodge Nursing Home in Armagh. The people there fed him and managed to get him to the vet for some much-needed treatment. That is when the techs found his microchip.

They were delighted to have found his family, until they found out his family couldn’t take him back, anyway. Poor Dexter’s survived on his own all those years, and now no one knew where he was going to live now.

Until a friendly face from the nursing home came back into the picture, that is. Elaine Donald is a senior care assistant at Apple Blossom, and she offered to adopt Dexter right away.

“We just got word on Friday afternoon the previous owner didn’t want him. My son and daughter pulled at my heartstrings and made me go on Saturday morning to have a look at him,” said Donald.

Dexter’s new family went to work straight away to make sure that he felt welcome in his new home.

“So now he’s ended up living with me in the lap of luxury. I have to say he’s an absolute beauty of a cat, he’s really affectionate,” Donald told the Belfast Times. “We’re under strict instructions to not allow him out at all, but he’s very contented.”


Donald’s son wanted a cat for a long time. He told his mom after he heard Dexter’s story that “she better not come home without him.” So, she showed up at the vets with a carrier ready to take Dexter to his new forever home.

Dexter, the warrior cat, is now considerably famous too. His story went viral, and people all over town just love him.

“He’s a celebrity everywhere now, not just the nursing home. They’ve named me cat woman now too. But at least it’s a nice ending to the story,” said Dexter’s new mom.

Dexter is well fed and loved in his new home. They brush his lovely long fur and keep it free from the mats and knots that had him in such bad shape while he was on his own.

His new mom wonders all the time about what he must have gotten up to while he was all alone in the wild.

“I wish he had a spy camera to see where he’s been. Now he’s lying stretched out on the bed and seems to like watching television,” she said.

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