Once a Doggo in Peril, Now He's Playing Football on National TV


This is Nanook. Not all that long ago this beautiful 8-year-old boy’s future was in peril. He lived in a Pennsylvania animal shelter that was about to close. The only places that could take him were shelters that use euthanasia as a way to deal with having too many mouths to feed.

Luckily, Nanook was located and rescued in the nick of time by the Humane Society after officials there learned of his fate. They had room in their shelter and were able to save Nanook and a few of his pals before it was too late.


Within a few days of being with the Humane Society a man named Jeff St. Pierre, an online personality of The Laurie DeYoung Show on WPOC, 93.1 FM found Nanook and fell head over heels in love. He decided to bring Nanook home to live with him in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nanook’s dad says he is a friendly boy who especially loves his outings to the dog park near their house. He is a naturally vocal doggo who loves to sing along with the radio. His favorite band to sing along with is Hootie and the Blowfish, and he harmonizes along with Darius Rucker expertly (at least his dad thinks so).


Now, along with a new lease on life, Nanook is going to be famous. He will be playing football on national television this Saturday in America’s first ever Dog Bowl. He was one of 50 former shelter dogs selected to participate in the game this weekend.

The show will air at 8 p.m. Saturday night on Animal Planet. The game will be between the ever valiant Paws team, which is the one Nanook belongs to, and the adorable yet indomitable Tails team.

The show is a spin-off of the hugely popular Puppy Bowl game that occurs during halftime of the actual Super Bowl. These games usually feature two “teams” competing on a small-scale football stadium. There’s always a “ruffaree,” “repawters,” and an assortment of chew toys and treats for everyone.

No matter which team wins, let’s face it, with games like these EVERYONE is a winner. I wonder if Nanook will sing along with the National Anthem?

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