Meet Presley the real-life Scooby Doo a Great Dane who’s afraid of everything that moves

Meet Presley who has received the name of real-life Scooby Doo!

Much like Scooby Doo, small things frighten Presley. Though Presley is tall, Presley’s owner Sian Barrett claims he gets scared by small dogs.

Presley weighs in at 180 pounds and measures six-feet-tall. But, his personality seems so gentle. Despite his large size, he runs to hide behind his mother at the sight of a smaller dog.

Even the smallest of things scare Presley. Whip out a plastic bag, and you’ll send Presley running.

One time, Presley got so scared of a small Westie. He went to hide. Funny enough, he refused to come out until the harmless dog was gone.

When he’s home, he uses a cushion to comfort him when frightened.

‘There was a time recently that I was walking Presley in the park and he got scared off by a West Highland Terrier, which is tiny compared to him.

‘Presley wouldn’t come back out until the other dog had gone and he knew he was safe. His temper doesn’t match his size at all – he’s 38 inches at the shoulder, but scared of everything.’

Mrs. Barrett said: “People obviously are very struck by just how big Great Danes are when they first meet them, but Presley wins a lot of people around with his personality. He is a very patient dog.”

One time, they walked and met a woman with a crying child. Because he was scared, Presley hated the noise at first. When the child walked up to him, she immediately stopped crying.

Don’t let his size scare you, Presley truly seems to be one of the sweetest dogs around!

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