Meet The Guy With A Pack Of Pitties And The Biggest Heart In America

This man from California named Drew is on a mission. When he realized the reputation that one of his beloved animals had simply because of the breed she happened to be, he decided something must change.

This is a story of a man becoming inspired by one beautiful girl and paying it forward in the most beautiful possible way.


Mia was his first Pitt, and it all started the moment he got her home. Drew didn’t even know when he got Mia that Pitt Bulls had a bad reputation. It was around 12 years ago, and his brother had just had a new baby. At first, he didn’t even want to visit with Drew for fear that Mia would hurt the baby. Drew’s whole family seemed to dislike her at first.

Then, along came Lola, and an idea started to sprout.

Lola is a tiny Pitt. Her owners say she is much like a teenage girl. Depending on her day, she either loves the other dogs or wants nothing to do with any of them. Drew found Lola while he was out driving. She was all alone in the neighborhood and Drew almost hit her with his car.

When he opened his car door and told her to “get in the car,” though, Lola jumped right onto his lap. He tried to find her family, he put up flyers and everything, but to no avail. Luckily for Drew and Lola, she had found her forever home.


Tera is a black beauty that was adopted and later returned to the shelter for being a “bad dog.” In reality, though, she just hadn’t found the right home.

Jager rounds out the pack. Drew says he reminds him of a “big bodybuilder with a squeaky voice.”

With that foundation of fur to inspire him and propel him forward, he started his rescue called Reversed Rescue. Their whole mission is to give dogs that wouldn’t ordinarily find love, a safe forever home. He saves the ones with rough pasts and health needs that others tend to overlook.

He teaches those lost Pitties how to trust and love again so they can find their proper forever homes, and it’s working.


Remember Drew’s brother with the baby? Well, after he met Mia, he was a changed man. Not only did he bring Drew’s nephew for a visit, he now has two Pitt Bulls of his very own.

Drew’s brother realized, like so many in the past, that these dogs aren’t born aggressive or mean, it’s purely human error.

Drew carries on his mission to save as many Pitties as he possibly can.


This story is close to my own heart, as I am a Pittie owner myself. She and I just lost our home, partly because the landlord there believed the hype. She was convinced that my sweet girl would attack her at any moment.

The craziest part of that story is that the fluffy dog the landlord didn’t hesitate to pet as she came through the door had already bitten me twice and a child in the face once. Don’t worry; she didn’t break the skin either time.

Though, a perfect example of how ignorance like this plays out. Sophie and I were out on our butts while the real menace stayed right where she was.

Sophie and I found a forever home where we are much happier, by the way.

Sophie is a Pittie/Weimaraner mix. I have seen her change minds. Like Drew’s dogs, she only wants love and snuggles and to take care of her mama. She is sitting on my feet and farting as I write this. (there was a party last night, and I think they slipped her some bacon)

Simply put, these dogs have a bad rap, and it’s entirely undeserved. People like Drew and myself are on a mission to show the world that, like Dobermans in the 80s and Rottweilers in the 90s, Pitt Bulls are sweet and lovely and kind animals who sometimes end up with bad owners that don’t know how to handle them properly.

Please share this adorable story, donate to Drew’s rescue if you can, and tell me about your own adorable Pittie.

Guy Realizes He Can’t Live Without A Pack Of Pit Bulls

This guy adopted a pit bull and fell in love — then he realized what he’d been missing out on his whole life and adopted three more! Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Drew and his pack of pitties are inspiring so many families out there to become PIT BULL FAMILIES

Posted by Pittie Nation on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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