Meet the kitten who is the size of a spoon he is finally rescued

Meet Francis. Only three weeks old, this tuxedo kitten weighed four ounces. That is the typical size of a newborn, so Francis’ weight alarmed caretakers.

When the rescue shelter received him, Francis was barely the size of a spoon. Because of that, they took him to the NOVA Cat Clinic where he could receive special care. They discovered he had a heart murmur. Giving him additional testing, the people at NOVA said he may have a growth hormone deficiency.

Ellen is a licensed veterinary technician, and she has fostered countless cats over the years. As soon as she saw Francis, her heart melted. She knew she wanted to give him the home he needed. She was the perfect person for the job.

“You know, just get up with you every single hour to make sure you’re still alive,” Ellen said. “That was the first week, is I would roll over every hour and be like, ‘He’s still breathing, thank God.”

Ellen doesn’t think Francis ever saw himself as ‘small.’

“I don’t think he ever saw himself as small. He saw himself as a cat and you’re gonna eat that and I’m gonna eat it too,” Ellen said.

When Francis was only a few months old, Ellen knew it was time to start looking for a family to adopt him. Although she would miss him when he was gone she wanted him to have an amazing life. It didn’t take long for Ellen to find the right parents for her tiny kitten.  Ellen performed an adoption ceremony for Francis and his new parents, then she said goodbye.

Just look at him now!

If you want to learn more about his journey watch the video below.

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