Meet the London street cat named Bob that turned a homeless man’s life around


When a homeless street musician names James Bowen, found a sickly London street cat — there was no way he could have known what would happen. At first, Bowen’s only goal was to help the little guy he named Bob, to feel better.

He even planned on helping the cat find a home of his own, so they didn’t both have to be homeless.

However, the London street cat had other plans.


For James Bowen, things took a turn and, for a while, he lived on the streets and started using drugs. He had just gotten into London’s public housing program when a street cat named Bob came into his life.

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“I have to say I was a very selfish person once upon a time when I was using drugs. The only thing you care about is yourself and where your next bit of drugs are coming from. But when I found him and he was injured and he asked me for help I had to think about someone other than myself and I think that was the crux, where it snapped for me,” said Bowen.

At first, Bob was one sick kitty. Bowen, even though he barely had any money for himself, helped nurse Bob back to health.

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After that, the new pair of best friends became inseparable.


His new relationship with Bob inspired the street musician to start taking the cat along when he performed on the streets for money — called busking.

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James Bowen quickly found that when he had his best friend by his side, many more people started to notice them.


Bowen’s rapidly growing success led him to another idea — why not write a book?

So, Bowen sat down and told their story in a book called A Street Cat Named Bob and How He Saved My Life.

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“There’s so much that can be done to help the homeless. But, so often, people just look the other ,” said Bowen

You see, on top of sharing his fantastic story about Bob, Bowen ultimately wants people to start to see homelessness from a different perspective.

What the struggling street musician didn’t plan on was the tremendous success he found with his book.

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As a matter of fact, the book became so popular; there’s a whole series of Bob books you can find online these days.

As for James and his best friend — if you’re fortunate, you can still find them busking on the streets of London together. The pair spend their days fighting side-by-side to help shed new light on homelessness.

Image Screenshot from bumfe via YouTube Video

Check out their video below:

Share Bob’s story with your friends to make their day a little brighter.

Featured Image Screenshot from bumfe via YouTube Video

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