Meet this neighborhood friendly cat, she goes from house to house asking for treats and cuddles, isn’t she a delight?


You may have heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child. Some people joke back to that adage by saying that they’ve seen the village and no thanks. Whatever your thoughts are on raising up a child, one thing is for sure and that is some animals find a way into our hearts, whether we are their main humans or not. It may be that dog that you see every day at the dog park that says hello. Or maybe it’s an extra friendly bird who sings to you at your birdfeeder each morning. Let’s take a look at a cat who broadened her human world.

A beautiful white cat named Mama wasn’t satisfied with the attention she was getting from her family, so she sought out more human love. She showed up at her neighbor’s house. The neighbors knew who she belonged to and were happy to love on Mama. Thinking it may be a one time visit, the cat left and went back home.

Mama must have been happy with the attention she received because she showed up again the next day. And the next. The visits from Mama became a routine thing. The neighbors grew to love Mama and the visits. They took a video of Mama and shared it on the internet.

Mama Loves Attention

Take a look and enjoy seeing Mama show up at the neighbor’s window. She sure is a beauty. Her sweet nature also shines through just as much as her gorgeous appearance.

What would you do if Mama showed up at your door? Maybe you have a special animal in your life that isn’t necessarily yours. Some animals don’t play favorites but instead, enjoy the company of any human who is willing to dish out some affection. Take a look and make sure to share with a cat lover friend.

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