They Met As Babies It Was Love At First Site Now They Are Inseparable, Mom Is Overjoyed

All too often you hear of stories of how when children enter a couples life, the family pet is often the first to go. It’s always heartbreaking to me when I hear this.  Thankfully this isn’t one of those stories.  In fact, one pregnant woman decided to take in a kitten while she was expecting a baby of her own.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions she’s made.

Jordan Jeffcote

Jordan Jeffcote was just entering her last trimester when she walked in on an adoption event as she brought her cat, Jinx food at the local pet store.  Her heart was immediately smitten with a 3-month-old black kitten that was not chosen most likely because of his color. She took the little kitten in and named him Little.

Jordan Jeffcote

Jinx was also a black cat and took Little in right away.  They became fast friends.  But another friend was about to be born (pun intended).

Jordan Jeffcote

Baby Jude and Kitten Little Become Great Friends

Jordan gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that she named Jude.  “When we brought Jude home from the hospital, the cats immediately smelled his car seat,” Jordan said. “Jinx smelled his foot and walked away for her afternoon nap. And Little immediately erupted into a bushel of purrs and fell asleep next to the car seat, and remained there even after we took Jude out of it.”

Jordan Jeffcote

The friendship grew as the kitten and infant grew.  Jude is now 10 months of age.  The two are inseparable.  “They walk together, watch TV together, play fetch, I mean everything,” Jordan explained. “Wherever Jude is, Little is not far behind. He sleeps outside of his room during naps and at night, waiting for him to play.”

Jordan Jeffcote

Jordan explains, “When Jude cries, Little will roll over in front of him and purr.  As if he knows he’s anxious. He does the same thing to me when I am anxious. He is protective of me and Jude.”  Little will playfully swat at Jordan’s husband if he comes to close to her and baby Jude.   “But he is so gentle that my husband will say ‘Ow’ and he will just meow a tiny apology at him.”

Jordan Jeffcote

What a beautiful story of two youngsters growing up together.  This is a friendship that will be unbreakable. Did you have a pet growing up that was your first best friend?  Tell us about it.

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