Minutes Before Being Put Down, This Dog Was Rescued & Now He Gives The Best Hugs

Robin was brought in to an animal shelter because it was believed that she had a broken leg.  The shelter that took him in was about to euthanize him to put him out of his misery. However, later upon inspection, it was shown that she just had an injured leg and not broken.

Robin was just 5 minutes away from being euthanized when members of Vet Ranch came in and rescued him from the shelter. While at Vet Ranch, Robin was neutered and given X-rays. The X-rays revealed that he was fine, with no broken bones. He is a young dog as was evident from his growth plates. He also has a sweet disposition.

Just one month after being rescued, Robin was adopted. His new family thinks he is just perfect. Robin is super sweet and loves to hug his people. From the sounds of how much he is loved in his new forever home, he must be getting lots of hugs back.

About Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch is dedicated to making sure that medical treatment is provided to homeless animals. They help animals who would otherwise have no advocate. Vet Ranch also shares their inspirational stories on their YouTube Channel. The team at Vet Ranch works to rehabilitate abused, abandoned and homeless animals. The animals are then adopted into forever homes. They work closely with animal rescues and shelters to decrease the number of animals that are euthanized due to treatable conditions.

Check Out The Video Of Robin’s Story

Robin is just one of many animals that the people of Vet Ranch has helped. Many of the stories are documented and filmed for all to enjoy. Robin’s story and rehabilitation are just one of the many stories that you can find on their YouTube Channel. If you would like to donate to Vet Ranch, click here.

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