Abandoned pit bull knew his owner wasn’t coming back when they took his collar

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Sadly, we are all very familiar with this situation. People dump dogs at shelters every day for one reason or another. Well, after Mira’s dad left her behind, she couldn’t stop crying. You see, she couldn’t understand why he left her behind without so much as a hug. He didn’t even turn around as he walked out the door. Workers at the shelter were worried for the poor girl. Then, a man showed up and changed everything.


For most of us, it’s hard to imagine leaving our fur babies behind. However, for dog’s left at shelters, it can be a traumatizing and terrifying ordeal. Many dogs can’t deal with the stress of a loud shelter, and they fall into a deep depression.

After Mira’s owner dropped her off, Chicago’s Trio Animal Foundation shared her heartbreaking story online.

“This girl’s heart broke the moment her dad walked out the door,” wrote the foundation.

You see, the man walked in with Mira and told the shelter that he is moving and he won’t have any time for her anymore.

“Mira was wagging her tail and was so proud and happy to be walking with her dad. It was not until they were removing her collar and replacing it with a slip lead that she started to realize that something was up. It was then that her dad turned around and walked out the door.”


“As Mira watched her dad walk away, she started to whimper. Once he made it outside, she began to cry for him. Mira did everything that she could to get out the door to be reunited with her dad and her stress level quickly went through the roof… she just cried and cried.”

Volunteers at the shelter took a photo of Mira watching her dad walk out the door.

Mira photo of mira looking very distraught while watching her dad leave
Image from Trio Animal Foundation via Facebook

The shelter worker that did Mira’s intake knew that if he tried to put her in with the other dogs, she would have “a complete meltdown.” So, he got permission to keep the sweet girl up front with him. At the end of the day, the worker still didn’t have the heart to put her in a cage. She ended up in their car instead.


The shelter posted Mira’s story right away, hoping to find the sweet girl a new family quickly.

“We at TAF knew that it would take a caring and gentle man to mend Mira’s emotional wounds and make her happy again.”

Well, we suppose it was Mira’s lucky day. Because about that time, a man grieving the loss of another dog came into the picture. You see, the man had just lost an elderly Pitbull to cancer. At first, he thought he wasn’t quite ready for another dog yet.

However, as soon as he saw Mira’s story, the grieving dad figured that maybe they could heal together.

mira photo of Mira wearing an adorable sweater licking her new dad's face
Image from Trio Animal Foundation via Facebook

As you can see in that photo, Mira’s new dad figured correctly. The pair formed an instant bond.

Mira photo of smiling Mira with her new dad
Image from Trio Animal Foundation via Facebook

One thing is sure, Mira isn’t crying anymore. This sweet Pitbull found a new dad, and he’s not likely to let her go anytime soon.

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Featured Image from Trio Animal Foundation via Facebook


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