Miracle Puppy Found Alive Under A Bridge With His Mouth Taped Shut


To think, there are people who love animals and others who don’t particularly take a liking to animals seems reasonable. I mean, the world is made up of all kinds. But when you add into the mix of humanity, those that are terribly cruel and abusive to animals, that is harder to understand for most of us. Maybe the answer is just that there is evil in this world. Thankfully, there is also kind-hearted people and God’s timing. This is the story of all three, cruelty, kindness and God’s timing. Hang tight because this story has a happy ending.



Bob Hoelter of Griffith, Indiana wasn’t even sure why he decided to go on a four-mile round trip walk to the store in the middle of a cold winter. He chalked the idea up, as to why not, and that he could use the exercise. As Hoelter crossed a bridge he heard whimpers coming from underneath the bridge down by the water. Upon further investigation, he found a puppy with his mouth taped shut laying close to the water’s edge underneath the bridge.


Source: Griffith Animal Hospital Facebook Page

Hoelter relives the moment by saying, “I was looking at the water and the land, but I don’t see anything, but I hear it. I got to the bottom. I finally see him!” Hoelter wasted no time in helping the puppy. “I just threw him in my jacket, crawled back up and started hoofing it to the animal hospital,” he said. Once Hoelter and the pup arrived at the Griffith Animal Hospital the vet staff went right to work. Hoelter was still on foot, so he continued on to his original route to the store.


Source: Bob Hoelter

The Pup Had Suffered Under The Bridge For Days


The hospital staff determined that the puppy had his mouth taped shut for several days. He was also underweight, had skin damage, and a broken leg. They estimated the little guy to be just 4 months old. The staff administered antibiotics, ointments and gave him a warm bed to sleep in.


Source: Griffith Animal Hospital Facebook Page

It seemed obvious that someone tried to drown the pup by throwing him over the bridge and into the water. But somehow the puppy missed hitting the water and instead broke his leg. Lori Kovacich, the hospital’s manager wrote this on a Facebook post, “Our whole staff was without words. We try our very best to help every creature that comes our way and we have to acknowledge that someone in our area is that mean, hateful to do something like this to an innocent little pup. In my 30 years of working here, I never thought I’d see this…in real life.”


Source: thedodo.com/Bob Hoelter

Kovacich went on to say, “He had to of been out there for a brief time. This morning I’m almost thinking he was a bait pup, waiting his turn. Then having to get rid of him quickly, they threw him out. A million things go through my mind, trying to absorb this. Bottom line, the evil person/people who is responsible will rot in hell.”


Source: Griffith Animal Hospital Facebook Page

Now For The Happy Ending


I’m glad you are still reading because this is a true story that takes a turn for the good. Two Griffith residents who lived nearby to the animal hospital read the post. They had just lost their dog. When they met the puppy, they knew that they wanted to provide a loving and forever home for him.


Source: Mary Connors Witting Facebook Page

The puppy’s hero who rescued him, Hoelter got to meet the puppy and his new family. Hoelter’s niece read the post from the Animal Hospital and next thing you know, a reunion between the pup and Hoelter took place. Hoelter said that the puppy still recognized him, which touched him deeply.


Source: Mary Connors Witting Facebook Page

The puppy has been given the name Louie. He now is living the good, happily ever after life in his new home. The puppy would have most likely died had not Hoelter walked that way to the store, and stopped to find and help the puppy. Hoelter sums it up by saying, “It makes me think God has a purpose for everyone. I’m going to have to walk more often, but I sure don’t want to find more dogs under the bridge.”


Source: Mary Connors Witting Facebook Page

May God bless Hoelter, the vet staff and the family who took Louie in. And from the looks of the photos of Louie in his new home, the family is already being blessed by his presence.


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