Mom Asks Husky About Stolen Shoe, Films His Comical Response

You’ve heard of dogs stealing shoes to chew on them—a classic puppy move. And if the dog slobbered all over it, who wants that back? But this woman’s husky took the game further.

A woman woke up to find that one of her workout shoes went missing. Only her and her husky, Azlan, were at home, and it obviously isn’t something that just moves on its own. So she confronted Azlan and recorded the interrogation.

Even though she knew that Azlan was guilty, the pup still had to admit to his theft. However, he wasn’t very good at hiding his guilt.

“Azlan, I know you stole my shoe. Go pick it up and bring it back,” his owner said.

In response, Azlan looks to the shoe that isn’t missing, as though to point out that it’s right there.

Though he momentarily played dumb, he eventually chose it was better to just give up the game before getting into more trouble. He turned and walked out of the room.

Unsurprisingly, Azlan and his mom have had this conversation many times before. Every time his mom gets angry with him, and every time he must return the shoe. You’d think the pooch would learn!

Finally, this time, Azlan returns with the shoe in his mouth and gives it up reluctantly. It hasn’t been chewed on or otherwise mussed, so at least his mom can still go to the gym in perfectly good shoes. He must have wanted his mom to work for her gym time! Or he didn’t want her to leave and stay home with him.

Will He Ever Learn?

Azlan might be a stubborn husky to try to train to stop stealing shoes. This husky only seems interested in arguing and being mouthy. However, his mom may have to continue to deal with this issue if she doesn’t discipline her pup.

Maybe all Azlan wants is for his mom to stay around instead of going out to the gym! Maybe one of them will learn.

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