Mom catches dad & dog jamming together, secretly films their cute dance routine

Music, art and dance have had such an influence on mankind since the beginning of time. Music can help raise people’s spirits during a bad day, or even change how people perceive the world around them. Looking at a painting can reduce stress levels. Dancing can be used as therapy. There are grants and money put into the arts because studies have shown the importance of them. Have you ever wondered if dogs appreciate the arts too?

A man was caught on video couch dancing with his dog. It is one of the most adorable things to watch. A mommy caught these two cuties swaying their heads back in forth in unison to the music. This captures such a moment that should leave no doubt that dogs do indeed enjoy music and movement.


I just love how the man and dog are synchronized with their head sways. At first, it would appear that the man is following the lead of the dog. But then as you watch it more, I’m not quite so sure who’s following who. One thing we can draw from this video is that dogs must enjoy music. Most dogs also love to be with their person or people. This dog clearly enjoys both being with his person and dancing along to the music.


Does Your Dog Like Music and Movement too?

Next time you are with your dog and music is playing, why not try some of these moves? Or make up some moves of your own. I know my dogs love when I dance and some will try to play and create their own dance moves. One thing is for sure and that is any quality time spent with your dog will benefit both you and your canine friend.

Check out these two in this adorable video. If this brightened your day, make sure to share it with a friend.

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