Goldie waits for the highlight of his day…the mailman. His human Mom captures his excitement

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Parcel carriers may deal with more dogs in a day than the average person. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and  USPS carriers spend their days leaving packages right in the territories of neighborhood dogs. You can imagine each situation is different. Some may be aggressive while others are overly friendly. This is the story of one dog who has won over all of the carriers that come to her house. What she get’s in return is nothing short of adorable.


Pippin is a Golden Retriever in South Carolina who clearly knows how to get what she wants. And what she wants is to be able to socialize with the mail carriers.  Being the sweet 6-year-old Golden that she is, Pippin not only gets paid back in treats and attention, but she brightens people’s days also.



Even when Pippin goes a bit too far, she is quickly forgiven. “One time, she raced to the back of the truck and stole our UPS man’s sub sandwich and he was so sweet about it,” Pippin’s mom confessed. The UPS delivery drivers now leave treats for Pippin even when there is no package to deliver to their house.

The FedEx Man used to be very afraid of dogs, but over time, Pippin put his mind to ease. At first, he wouldn’t leave packages at the door, but over the course of a year, Pippin and he became good buddies. Now he stops and pets Pippin, gives her treats and talks to her before going about his day.


The regular UPS drivers though have taken things a step further than treats, much to the delight of Pippin. They let her ride around in the truck with her as they make their ways around the block.


Thankfully, Pippin’s human mom has captured all of this on camera. Enjoy!




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