Mom Gets Flower Delivery From Husband But The Flowers Are Not For Her

This week, the internet laughed at a family who had received a flower arrangement at the door. Everyone was surprised when the delivery showed up, but who was the recipient is what has everyone in stitches.

After finding a bouquet deliver from her husband, Debbie Cardone assumed the flowers were for her. Receiving the flowers, she posted them on social media, but not for the reason you would think.

However, she realized her husband thought of somebody else when buying the flowers. Addressed not to her, the arrangement was addressed to Sebastian, their 10-year-old bulldog.

Though most women might be a little bitter, Debbie wasn’t angry. Lucky for her husband, she has a sense of humor. Instead of being mad, Debbie laughed at the joke. Cracking up all her friends, she posted the photo on the Internet.

While the story was pretty popular, it really went viral when their teenage daughter posted it on her Twitter account.

After posting on twitter, Lilly Cardone shared with the world what happened.

Take a look at the post below!

Turns out, the dog felt bad recently. Feeling less energetic and happy, Sebastian recently underwent double ACL surgery.

Being a worried dad, he decided to send him flowers. He wrote, “Sebastian, Feel better you’ll be back in the game very soon. Love Daddy.” How cute!

We hope that Sebastian is back on the mend and that the flowers were enjoyed by the entire family. I know we have all enjoyed the story.

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