Mom Pleads For The Return Of Her Autistic Son’s Support Dog After A Carjacking


Update: Sloan, the therapy dog has been found near South American and East 6th Streets. The Police Department said that they dropped Sloan off at a local rescue where Niswonger will be picking him up.


The authorities are on the lookout for a criminal who stole a support dog from a boy with autism. Cynthia Niswonger was driving home with her 12-year-old son Neeko when they stopped to eat. They left the dog named Sloan inside the locked air-conditioned car when the vehicle went missing.


Facebook / Cynthia Niswonger

The Vehicle And Dog Went Missing As Niswonger Visited the Restroom.


Niswonger said that she periodically looked out to check on them. But then added, “I did go and use the restroom, and I believe at that point somebody got into our car. We came out just in time to see a man driving away in our car with our dog in it.”


Facebook / Cynthia Niswonger

Niswonger’s friend tried to chase the car, but it was no use. Now they are pleading for help from the public to find the criminal who took her son’s dog and her vehicle.


Facebook / Cynthia Niswonger

She wrote on Facebook,

“Please keep trying to find Sloan! We’ve followed up on every possible sighting. We have posted flyers and a Stockton resident is offering 200 dollars as a reward for Sloan. The car was found and they dusted for prints. There are security cameras near where the car was dumped and detectives also plan to pull footage from McDonald’s. Sloan made the news on Fox channel 40. She will also be shown on Fox 13. and will be back on both channels tonight’s news. Fox National also picked it up and it may be aired in Denver or on any Fox affiliate. We stayed in Stockton and will look again tomorrow. Please do not give up on Sloan”


Their stolen car was located a couple of miles away on Monday afternoon. But sadly, Sloan was not in the vehicle.

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