Ten Puppies Trapped In Crumbling Home–Rescuers Find A Treacherous Sight

In Detroit, a concerned neighbor witnessed some puppies running in and out of a home and called the Michigan Humane Society.  The Humane Society arrived and found the puppies. What the Society found out when they got there was the house was crumbling on top of them.

As temperatures quickly dropped and the house continued to crumble, the team knew they needed to act fast.

Using their bare hands, shovels, and snare poles to rescue the puppies, rescuers grabbed them from the tight spaces of the home. Trying to escape the cold temperatures, the pups hid in little nooks and crannies around debris.

As they rescued the pups, the mother watched from a distance hoping her puppers would be ok. Later, she was more than happy to reunite with her puppies at the shelter.

Anna Chrisman, communications manager for the Michigan Humane Society, said: “The biggest challenge with this rescue was the crumbling structure of the house – our team had to work for hours just to remove enough debris to gain access to the puppies.

“The other big challenge is unpredictable Michigan weather.

“Snow was predicted for that day, which would have greatly slowed the work down and possibly caused harm to the puppies and our crew.

“Our team performs rescues just like this every day – they may not be as dramatic or intense, but Michigan Humane Society is on the road 365 days a year, saving lives, and we can’t do it without the support of the community.”

A representative from the shelter says people have now adopted almost all of the pups.

Though the incident must have been traumatizing for the pups, they now seem to be recovering extremely well and love cuddling with the crew.

Watch this heartbreaking moment, a frightened litter of 10 puppies rescued from a crumbling, abandoned building.

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