Moments After She Gives Birth, This Mother Bison Finds Strength To Do Something Amazing

Mothers have been known to overcome some of the greatest obstacles.  One mother saved her young child by lifting a vehicle off of the child with the strength of 5 men.  The extra strength is commonly attributed to increased adrenaline production.  This Bison Mom was ready to fight a coyote for her child.   Ranger Joy Guffy captured a captivating moment of nature at Yellowstone National Park and shared on its official Twitter page.

This coyote must not have been aware of the bond that this bison mom had with her newborn.  It sneaks up on the calf expecting it to be a quick meal however…..

Even after only minutes of being a mom she stands her ground and protects her baby.  She is ready to risk her own life to save her child. Just an intimating stare from this large beast was enough to make the coyote rethink what he was trying to do.

Happy Ending For Both

This lone coyote thought this was easy prey but was quickly taught a lesson he might not be as quick to forget. This mom is lucky too, coyotes usually travel in packs.   Had it been the pack that attacked they would have circled the baby.  Giving the mom no way to defend against the more than 10 coyotes.  In this case, baby, mom, and coyote are still roaming free.

Further proof that when it comes to Mother Nature, Moms Rule .

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