Monkeys Treated Like Prisoners On Streets, Conditions Are Heartbreaking

Long ago monkeys riding bikes and performing tricks served as a form of entertainment. We thought that humans had evolved over the years. Unfortunately over 3000 monkeys are still taken, chained up and starved just to serve as entertainment.   When the monkeys are forced to perform on the streets they are only paid with more abuse.

Monkey Is Walking On Stilts

This is how they are treated when not performing being beaten, chained, starved, and their hands tied behind their backs.

6 months is the amount of time it takes for them to submit and start obeying their owners.

Meet Dodo, recently rescued from the dancing monkey life.

With human education and by exposing what really goes on with the so called dancing monkey, maybe humans will not only stop paying to see such displays but will also become informed enough to want to stop this kind of cruelty.

Street Performing Monkey With A Doll Head As A Mask

The government sets laws with strong consequences for such abusive actions.

If you felt helpless while reading this and watching the video, there is something you can do to help these innocent victims.  Follow the link highlighted here to read about what the Jakarta Animal Aid Network is doing to help these monkeys and other animals that fall into abusive hands.

The video below shows some of the cruel ways people treat monkeys.  It also shows the rescued monkeys back in their natural habitat.

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