Mother Cat About To Give Birth Takes in Homeless Puppy

Human mothers aren’t the only ones to go into overdrive motherhood mode when pregnant.  One cat that was about to give birth didn’t waste any time on becoming a mom.  She saw a homeless puppy and took him right in. This is one of the sweetest videos that has taken the internet by storm.

While we don’t know the whole story behind this, animals have been taking in helpless creatures of other species probably since animals first walked this earth.

The kindness displayed in this video is truly touching.  Watch how gentle this orange tabby cat is with this helpless pup that looks to be only a few weeks old.

My favorite part is watching the puppies reaction after he is taken in by this sweet cat.  He seems to be showing his gratitude towards the end of the video as the mother cat gently sets him down.

Some people might just chalk this cat’s behavior up to pregnancy hormones.  But I think it also shows that animals can express kindness and concern to creatures other than their own species.

I would have loved to have known how this story ended.  It appears that this cat is already bonding with this little pup.  A puppy that young needs more than just nutrition and warmth.  Youngsters need love and cuddle time.  It looks like this puppy may have just found exactly what he needed from an unlikely animal.

If you enjoyed the simplicity of this small yet important act of kindness displayed by this cat, make sure to share it with your friends.  In a time when so many not so kind things are going on in the world, just witnessing a sweet act like this can change people’s attitudes.

Just Look At This Caring Cat, Gently Carry This Young Pup

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