Mother Loves Her Puppies So Much She Saves Them From Drowning In A Hole

The love of a mother is like no other love on earth.  Sure love is love, but when it comes to moms it seems as if they would do anything for their kids. In the media you see it all the time, mothers saving their kids. Their love for their children is truly incredible, forcing them to go above and beyond for them.

In the video below you can see a mother conquering everything to save her children. The motherly love definitely kicked in at this moment. Watch as this momma dog saves her pups in the video below.

Lu, the dog featured in the video, recently gave birth to four beautiful puppies. After giving birth there was a major storm that flooded near where she lived. Her owner, Binh Dao Thi, noted,

“Heavy rain made the dog’s lair soaked in water, and it was flooded. There was nothing the mother could do about that. But she went back to rescue her puppies.”

The footage shows both Lu and Binh Dao Thi frantically trying to save the drowning puppies. The den the puppies lived in became flooded earlier that day and Lu was determined to get them out. The water does not seem to have an end. Binh Dao Thi continuously uses a bucket to drain the water while Lu dug it out with her paws.

After several minutes of digging Lu makes a life-changing decision. She puts herself in jeopardy and goes under water. When she gets back out she has one pup by the scruff of its neck. Lu repeats this step four more times. Once she saves the last pup, Binh Dao Thi realizes one dog is not breathing. Finally, he gives it CPR; the dog began to breathe. He commented,

“There were four that she brought back out of the hole. They all survived, and they have recovered. I’m sure there were no more because the mother would never leave them”

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