Mother Makes Valentine’s Day Special for her Shiba Inu and Rescue Cat


There is no stopping love, especially on Valentine’s Day. No matter what your status on the holiday of love (married, single, complicated) this will cheer you up.


Apparently, love has no bounds, or at least this is what Chiko and Bella think. For most of Olesia Kuzmychova’s life as a mom, she has spent it at home, taking care of her lovely children, Chiko and Bella. After rescuing Bella from a Hong Kong shelter, they bought a 3-year-old boy Shiba Inu, Chiko.


Ever since then they have been best friends. They do absolutely everything together. Olesia does her best updating the world on their relationship through social media, where they have a pretty large fan base. After they do something cute, Olesia shares it with the world. For example, they love cuddling during movies or napping together; it is all too cute. And people love the pair!


Recently, Olesia wanted to do something special for her fury children. So she created the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. She made an in-home spa for her favorite pets, Chiko and Bella.



The beautiful creation included a bubble bath with rose petals everywhere. Also, she included a bottle of champagne for decoration. As the pair indulged in their great gift, Olesia made sure to get the whole thing on video.


As you watch the video, you can tell how relaxing the bubble bath truly is. They just sit there as she records them being pampered to the extreme. Valentine’s day could not get any better for them.


Make sure to check out the video below. We all need an Olesia in our lives to pamper us as she does with Chiko and Bella!


Share this adorable story with friends! On next years Valentine’s day, give your pets a pampered day full of love because they will not turn you down!

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