Mother Panda Gives Birth To Twins, But She Doesn't Know it

Having twins is not an easy task. Taking care of two babies at the same time can be extremely challenging for any parent. For this panda mom, this is also the case.

When a panda Mommy gave birth recently, she gave birth to twins. This is amazing news for people around the world because the panda used to be on the endangered species list. The more pandas the better. But the task of being a mother of twins, especially as a panda, is very difficult. Why you may ask? Pandas simply just are not equipped to take care of two babies at the same time, often leading to abandonment.

Fortunately for these two cubs, they were born in a facility that knew how to take care of them. Their ways are shocking. In order to keep both babies well-nourished, the caretakers had to do something. The solution is somewhat funny. After every time the mother thought she spent with just one baby, she actually spent it with two. The caretakers would switch out the babies during sessions with the momma bear: the old switcheroo!

Although panda populations are growing again, we still need to take care of them. The risk of endangerment is still a threat. The WWF reported,

“Traditional threats to pandas such as poaching appear to be declining, but large-scale disturbances including mining, hydropower, tourism, and infrastructure construction are becoming more severe.”

Luckily for these pandas, they will live a long satisfying life due to their caretakers’ helpful ways. Without them, both twins would not have survived. Watch the video below where BBC Earth does a phenomenal job documenting the caretakers successfully pulling off the switch-a-roo. You will not be disappointed between the cute panda cubs and the mother’s loving nature.

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