Motorist Stops To Help Stranded Terrier, Finds Out She Has A Secret

This stray pup was easily seen by motorists passing by. But the sad pup just sat quietly on a huge pile of garbage beside a busy highway. Unfortunately, most motorist these days are in a hurry to get where they are going and no one even noticed the pupper.

Until a good samaritan finally stopped because they couldn’t leave the dog there one more second. He pulled over his car and jumped out and ran over cautiously towards the little white terrier.

After going closer he understood the circumstances a lot better and it was about to become much worse. He realized the dog was not alone on the trash heap.

Inside an old tire, he saw two more strays. All three were in need of immediate medical attention. The motorist called Faith Easdale a rescuer with Dream Fetchers Project Rescue. needed immediate assistance.

When Easdale and her partner,  Cassandra Aldridge arrived the realized pretty quickly that the dogs were in extreme danger.

All three of the dogs were extremely dehydrated. So the team gave them the necessary fluids when they arrived at a local vet.   In addition, all the dogs suffered from an infestation of ticks and they all had tooth problems.

To add even more to the stressful situation they were in, the black poodle was pregnant.

“Full recovery of the dogs would take some time.”

The recovery was slow and took some time and patience, but the dogs finally made a full recovery.  The rescuers named the trio Michelin, Pirelli, and Kumho ( get it all tire brands!  LOL)

Now, the pups search for their furever home.

What an amazing 360 for these three cuties!

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