Mountain Goat Stuck on Ledge For A Week Without Food Or Water, They Take Action

Mountain Goats are incredible climbers, so when a goat was noticed as being on a ledge of a rocky area in Wales people didn’t think too much of it until it didn’t move for several days.

The local RSPCA first observed the goat and the situation he was in before acting. “The goat spent a week on the ledge,” Mike Pugh, an inspector with the RSPCA said.  A plan and assessment were made before they attempted a rescue.

The plan:  A 6 person rope team would descend from above in order to try to reach the Goat.

The rescue was very complex due to the terrain and the wild animal that they were dealing with. The effort was made after the chosen climber descended 100 feet to where the goat stood.  He was then was taken by the horns and placed in a bag before being lifted out.

“This was a complex rescue, as it was imperative to ensure the goat was calm enough so he didn’t panic, and dangerously jump off the towering ledge,” Pugh reports.

Andrew Broadbent, an inspector with the RSPCAW adds “We devoted significant resources to rescuing this goat, in what was a challenging but highly successful rescue.  Thankfully, the goat was completely unharmed after the ordeal of getting caught, and we were just delighted that our North Wales rope team was able to help another stranded animal.”

How amazing that a wild animal like this could be rescued.  Mountain Goats normally are expert climbers capable of ascending and descending very steep and rough terrain.  Perhaps even experts need a little help some times like this goat did.

Thankfully, there were expert human climbers ready and willing to give the unfortunate creature a helping hand.

Hats off to the climbers who saved this goat’s life.

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