Musician plays along with the howls of the wolves in Colorado, it turns out extraordinary

Despite popular belief that wolves are mean animals, these men actually bonded with them! How? During a tour in Colorado, these musicians decided to do something very out of the ordinary.

Shawn James and Baker, two musicians, found themselves in Colorado during a tour stop. When they were on their tour, they wanted to do something no one else ever had before. So the pair went to a wolf sanctuary. Here they had a once in a lifetime experience that not many people can say they have had. Luckily they took a video of their cool experience below.

Shawn James and Baker sang with the wolves. They created a music video that included the beautiful creation. Believe it or not, the wolves actually helped with the vocals also. As you watch the video you can hear the awesome mammals howling in the background. Who knew that wolves could sing?

The pair describe the experience as unbelievable. Who wouldn’t? During the video, you can see how magical it would feel to be singing with them in a forest filled with snow. The musicians felt so connected with the experience.  They state,

“Not only was this the highlight of the trip, but one of the highlights in all of our lives.”

In the picture below you can observe one wolf who howls in the background. He is clearly intrigued by the beautiful music. Throughout the video, you can spot the pack walking behind the wonderful singers.

In order to understand the true experience, you must watch the video. It looks like a dream. Keep in mind the stereotype given to wolves: that they are mean animals. The wolf pack leaves the men alone while they produce a beautiful piece of music.

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