Must See Hilarious Pictures Of A Dog In A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Pre-wedding photoshoots are so fun and popular nowadays. A pre-wedding shoot can be done anytime before a wedding. It may be days before or even months before the big day. A typical pre-wedding shoot will show the bride and groom in different scenarios. The goal is to show the love between them. So you can expect a lot of holding of hands, hugging and even kissing sometimes.


A pre-wedding photoshoot gives people photos to use for engagement announcements or wedding invitations. Some people like to send out a “save the date” announcement and use photos from a photoshoot.


One of the biggest advantages of a pre-wedding photoshoot is that the couple will have photos to look at years down the road. For one couple in Campo Grande, Brazil their photoshoot was perfectly photobombed by their adorable dog. The photos have become an internet sensation. Take a look for yourself.



Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo

The dog’s name is Thor and his humans are 32-year-old business person Alfredo Garcia da Silva and 26-year-old lawyer Joyce Sabino Greffe. Thor was just 9 months old during the photoshoot and full of puppy energy. In less than 24 hours the photos had 60,000 shares. They were viewed by over 6 million people.


Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo

The couple has set a wedding date for September of this year. They actually already did a pre-wedding photoshoot but they were saddened that they were not allowed to bring Thor. So they redid a photoshoot with Thor in it.


Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo
Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo

The photographer Nicolas Carrelo said, “Every photographer wants to drive, set the scenes, but with Thor it was different, he drove, he set the scenes. It was so much fun, we laughed all the time. Of the 1,500 photos taken during the session, I delivered only 80 to the couple.”



Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo
Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo

I think the camera guy is in trouble.


Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo
Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo

No one was hurt in the making of these photos.


Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo

Carrelo the photographer commented,

“I did not expect all this success, I am very happy and I can say for sure that Thor made a great contribution in my career.”


Image Source: Nicolas Carrelo

What do you think of this type of pre-wedding photoshoot?

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