10+ Must See Pictures Of Goats ‘Protecting’ People By Wearing Noodles


If you haven’t yet seen the photos on the internet of goats wearing pool noodles then you are in for a treat. This technique is becoming all the rage and very popular on the internet. Let’s take a look at this new trend. Is it a fashion statement or maybe the pool noodles serve a higher purpose? Let’s take a look.


Some goats can get aggressive and hit you with their horns when you aren’t looking. Others are not so much aggressive but just a little too playful. Even playful hits with horns can hurt. So the pool noodles serve as a cushion in case you happen to get jabbed by an aggressive or playful goat.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos that have been shared on Social Media.


This photo looks like the goat is wearing cheddar cheese.



Even tiny horns can hurt.



Look at this diva.



Tennis, anyone?



I’m not sure how much the goat appreciates the bucket.



Awe.  What a cutie pie! But I bet it would hurt to be hit by those horns without the tennis balls on there.



The goat is cute. But check out those adorable alpaca photobombers.



Here’s a new way to wear a pool noodle. Whatever works!



Designer felted noodles. Now, this is super cool!



Somehow the red noodles just look a little devilish.



This goat is all decorated up for Christmas.



Here’s just your basic style of wearing noodles.



No bullying or teasing can go on amongst the goats if they all wear the noodles.



Such a beautiful sight even with the tennis balls.



So there you have it. A wide range of pool noodle goat fashion with a little tennis ball fashion mixed in. As cute as these photos are, they actually do serve a real practical purpose.

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