Nabisco Uncages Its Animal Crackers After 116 Years (VIDEO)

The animals on the classic boxes of Nabisco Animals Crackers are being set free. After 116 years the change comes at the urging of animal-rights organization PETA. In April of 2016,  PETA pointed out that circuses often beat, shock, chain and whip animals to intimidate them into performing tricks.

“It’s probably one of, if not the oldest, (product) in our portfolio,” said Mondelez spokeswoman Kimberly Fontes. “We’re always looking to see how to keep it modern, to keep it contemporary with customers.”

Though the cages on the original packaging were small, they didn’t show how society views the treatment of wild animals today. According to PETA, Ringling Bros. circus had removed elephants from their show. After 146 years of being in service, the circus closed down due to slow ticket sales.

Nabisco releases new animal cracker packaging.

Barnum’s Animals has had its packaging refreshed before. The snack boxes were revamped temporarily in the past, however, the name isn’t being changed. It’s a reference to showman P.T. Barnum, whose name was long part of the famous circus, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. In 2017, Ringling Bros. closed down. They cited their closing due to high operating costs, legal fights with animal-welfare groups and declining ticket sales.

Image via screencapture from website USA Today

In the spring of 2016, PETA wrote a letter calling for a redesign of the product’s packaging:

Given the egregious cruelty inherent in circuses that use animals and the public’s swelling opposition to the exploitation of animals used for entertainment, we urge Nabisco to update its packaging in order to show animals who are free to roam in their natural habitats.

Set the animals free!

The new packaging is sure to please everyone. The boxes now feature an elephant, giraffe, gorilla, lion, zebra roaming free. It looks like they’re in their natural habitat with trees and grass around them.

Image via screencapture from video via CBS News

Have you had a chance to see the new boxes? What do you think of the new change?

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