Naughty baby gorilla has found perfect way to fight away his boredom, Mom isn't happy about it

Gorillas are highly intelligent mammals capable of many of the same emotions that humans have. They can be sad, mad, bored and in the case of one gorilla who in the following video demonstrates, they can be annoying and naughty too.

The gorilla in the video is seen bugging his mom by hitting her on the back and biting her in the butt. She turns and gives him a glance that many human moms often give their children. It’s a look saying, cut it out or you will be punished. The young gorilla walks off looking like he still has an attitude. He then gets a drink out of an enrichment toy filled with water. I personally found the way that he drank to be absolutely adorable.

Check out how the young gorilla picks up straw and throws it out of what looks like boredom. It seems that young gorillas and kids share so much in common. In this video, the gorilla’s intention seems to be to annoy his mom.

Gorillas are estimated to be 4 to 10 times stronger than an average human. If you think about it, gorillas can do some amazing feats. They can tear down trees and bend iron bars. Their bite force is around 1,300 pounds per square inch. I personally don’t know one human being capable of doing these things.

Even though gorillas can partake in fights, especially between silverbacks, gorillas are known as gentle giants. They also have a center of balance much different from human beings. Gorillas usually walk around on all four limbs though they can also stand up much like a black bear.

Gorillas use tools. It has been documented that gorillas have been seen using bamboo as ladders to help their offspring climb and they use sticks to gauge water depth. Gorillas also use sticks to eat ants without being stung.

Gorillas have been recorded making 25 different communication sounds. They are highly social animals and communicate with each other in much the same way as humans socialize.

A gorilla diet consists mostly of bamboo, fruit and leafy plants. Gorillas are herbivores with the exception of lowland gorillas who eat small insects. A full-grown gorilla can eat up to 30kg a day of food.

Many large fruit-bearing trees depend on the gorilla for seed dispersal. A gorilla will eat fruit, and the seed will pass through the body during digestion. As the gorillas forage and move from one place to the next he or she will eliminate waste along with the seeds. New trees are scattered and planted all thanks to gorillas.

Nothing is quite so adorably cute as a gorilla annoying his mom. If you agree, make sure to share this with a friend. It may just put a smile on someone’s face that is having a bad day or needed a pick me up.

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