Neighbors Try To Help Poor Abused Judith–Humane Society Makes Disgusting Offer

All around, volunteers devote their lives to helping suffering animals. Often, the animal’s life becomes miserable and unbearable. Without the help of volunteers, these animals have no hope.

But for this dog, it seemed like all hope was gone. For her entire life, Judith spent her days chained up in the yard of her careless owner.

With occasional food and water, Judith lived with no affection at all from her owner. Her world was shrinking around her. Judith knew nothing else other than the small circle she could walk with her chain.

She spent ten years like this before receiving any help. After ten years, somebody sent a complaint to The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BCSPCA).

After all these years, the neighbors hoped poor Judith would receive some help. To their surprise, the BCSPCA didn’t attempt to rescue the dog. However, they offered the people $50 to put her down.

After millions of complaints, Judith’s owners decided to follow through with the offer.

But, just as it seemed that there was no hope left for Judith, one of the concerned neighbors discovered Animal Advocates.

Just in time, the workers decided to take Judith away from her owners before she reached death row.

“She had no comforts, no blanket, no toys, not even a bone,” Animal Advocates explained.

Often there was no food or water.”

Just moments before her near-death experience, Judith found herself in the caring hands of an Animal Advocates shelter.

With things looking up, Judith had quite the recovery ahead of her before adoption. After shaving off all her matted fur, her body revealed she was extremely malnourished. Her tail was so caked in mud she couldn’t move it. Once they freed it, she wagged it wildly in excitement.

After the help of the Animal Advocates, Judith became ready for adoption. Now she’s happy and healthy. She had no trouble becoming adopted. Her new parents, Mike and Alyssa, fell in love with her.

“[They] took one look at her, put their arms around her, and said, ‘We’re taking you home,’” Animal Advocates shared.

We’re so happy Judith was taken away from her evil owners and put in a loving home where she can live out her days in a home full of love, warmth, pets, belly rubs, and toys.

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