Nervous Solider Waits For Reunion With Combat Dog, When He Turns Around He Can't Believe It

There’s nothing like a dog’s loyalty. From protecting your family to serving others with disabilities dogs go above and beyond. They will fight for us, they love us, and they bring out our softer side. Their unconditional love is one thing that all pet owners look forward to at the end of the day.

In everyday situation the bond between dogs and humans are strong, but can you imagine how much stronger it would be with a battlefield dog and a  soldier?

During his time in Afghanistan, Sergeant Tom Hanson had experienced this exact type of relationship while he was stationed overseas.  Hanson had the unique opportunity to work with Taylor.

They kept each other safe from bullets and bombs.  In fact, Taylor was so good at her job that the Taliban had a bounty on her head.  Taylor was relieved of duties after two deployments in the extreme circumstances.

What happened next made me cry…

Typically, a dog that finishes their assignments will be turned over for adoption and their handler(soldier) will normally get first priority.  Unfortunately, this can be expensive and timely for a soldier to accomplish. Many times, it becomes too difficult, and although the soldier would like the dog, they cannot be reunited.

Molli Oliver has vowed to never let this happen with Hanson or any soldier she can help.

“I love the dogs,” Oliver says, “…and I love my military that’s taking care of my freedom my whole life, so it’s a win-win to combine the two.”

Molli uses her own money to get these canine companions and brings them home, this time including Taylor she brought home five dogs.  The entire process can take some time.  It’s been over 2 years since Sgt. Hanson has been with Taylor.  He is nervous wondering if the dog will even remember him.  Would things be the same?

“It’s like a part of me has been missing,” Hanson says

Despite the unknown, he had to find out. The video below shows the reunion from beginning to end.

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