There’s A New Netflix Documentary Of Lab Puppies Training To Be Guide Dogs And We’re Obsessed


Guide dogs have a lot of responsibility. They need to respond correctly to environmental factors in order to keep their person from harm’s way. Guide dogs also are expected to not become distracted by people around them, even when in very busy places. Here we will look at five adorable labrador puppies, as they go through the process of becoming a certified guide dog. Let’s take a look at their journey from playful puppies to serious workers.


Source: KTF Films

This film follows the puppies from birth to their formal training. Each pup has a different journey. As is true of all dogs, each one has a unique personality. With each personality, there are also challenges to overcome.


Source: KTF Films

The litter of guide dogs in training is located in California. They are part of the US organization, Guide Dogs for the Blind which receives 1,100 applicants every year. It really is the elite few that make it as guide dogs.


Source: KTF Films

The guide dogs must often make decisions all on their own. That is a huge undertaking. One wrong move could mean danger for their human.


Source: KTF Films

The training lasted for a total of 10 weeks.


Source: KTF Films
Source: KTF Films

The Puppies Are named Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, and Phil


Source: KTF Films
Source: KTF Films

Just look at that cute face!


Source: KTF Films
Source: KTF Films

Those eyes!


Source: KTF Films

Approximately Only Two-Thirds of Guide Dogs In Training Make the Cut To Become Certified Guide Dogs


The documentary not only features the five puppies but it also features the testimonials of the visually impaired people who testify to the importance of guide dogs.



If you love dogs, I think you will greatly enjoy this documentary. The pups are simply adorable. In addition, the job that they do is lifechanging for people with disabilities.


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