New ‘Vaccine’ May Help People With Cat Allergies

One of the saddest things for animal lovers is when they discover that they are allergic to a pet. Some allergies can be mild and something to cope with. But sometimes allergies can be so severe that living with an animal that you are allergic to is extremely hard. Thanks to modern science, a new vaccine may stop people from having allergies to cats. This is great news for cat lovers everywhere.

Scientists at the University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland are very close to developing a vaccine that will eliminate allergic reactions to cats.

A protein called Fel-d1 found in cat fur is what causes allergic reactions for some people. When particles of dry skin fall off the cat, the protein attaches itself to things and people. When the proteins enter a person’s airway, they cause the immune system to trigger histamine. That is when an allergic attack is felt. The allergic reaction to the histamine produces the discomfort.

Half of The Children With Asthma Are Also Allergic To Cats

Studies show that half of the children with asthma have an allergic reaction to cats. Many have to use antihistamine tablets or inhalers to deal with those symptoms. In the general public, 1 out of 10 people have allergies to cats.

Researchers are saying that the new vaccine will reduce the amount of Fel-d1 proteins made by a cat. In the study, 54 cats were injected with the HypoCat vaccine. This vaccine may be available in about three years. If the estimated date of availability of the vaccine is true, fewer cats may soon be taken to shelters due to allergic reactions.

The great thing about this vaccine is that both humans and cats may benefit. Fewer cats would be given up by owners allergic to them, so humans could keep their cats and cats could keep their homes.

So far research is showing that the vaccine is safe for cats. It has not shown any negative side effects yet. The study concludes that “the vaccine was well tolerated and had no overt toxic effect.”

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