New York State Police Seeking Justice After Dirtbags Throw Two Dogs Out a Car Window


Currently, the New York State Police are hard at work looking for the dirtbags that threw two dogs out a car window while doing highway speeds. If you were near interstate 81 in the Whitney area of New York on December 12th, listen up. If you help the police solve this one, it could make you $16,500 richer.


So, on December 12, 2018, at around 9:30 in the morning, a truck driver from Syracuse, New York saw something horrifying. He was behind an SUV and saw someone roll down the rear passenger window. The truck driver was shocked when he saw two beagle dogs tossed out the open window onto the median.

Of course, he pulled over right away.

It didn’t take long for a New York State Police car to see the truck idling at the side of the road with its doors open. So, they pulled over to investigate and found the truck driver caring for the pups — one of which was severely injured.

“He seemed very angry that somebody could do such a despicable act to dogs,” said NY State Police Trooper Aga Dembinska.


Thankfully, the police got right to work.

“A New York State Police K9 handler bandaged the injured dog to stop bleeding and splinted its leg while other troopers kept the dog warm in a warming blanket and in the truck driver’s sweatshirt. The smaller dog was fed dog biscuits and ate half the box.”

Troop C: New York State Police at Homer is seeking the public’s assistance locating the people responsible for throwing…

Posted by New York State Police on Friday, December 14, 2018

Since the incident, multiple agencies have chipped in to help in various ways.


With contributions from the Animal Legal Defense Fund ($10,000), PETA ($5,000), the New York State Humane Association ($1,000), and a private donation of another $500, the total reward is a whopping $16,500.

Troop C: A reward is now being offered in the conviction of the suspect(s). New York State Police at Homer continue to…

Posted by New York State Police on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

After the incident took place, the Broome County Humane Society took possession of the dogs. The officers named the dog’s Trooper and Adam. Trooper is the one that was injured terribly, and they named Adam after the truck driver.

Rescuers think that Trooper is around ages six to eight years old and Adam is younger — around five years old.


Unfortunately, Trooper’s injuries were pretty severe. He had two fractured legs, broken ribs, and a contusion on his lung — vets at the rescue needed to do surgery to amputate one of his front legs.

New York State Police photo of terribly injured Trooper
Image from Broome County Humane Society via Facebook

Amazingly, Adam escaped the terrifying ordeal with nothing more than a little road rash.

New York State Police photo of Adam the dog looking scared and sad
Image from Broome County Humane Society via Facebook

Do not fret, though, because according to the shelter, these guys are doing pretty good.


The Humane Society said they had received a ton of inquiries about the pair of sweet boys as well as monetary donations to pay for Trooper’s care.

“Trooper and Adam are both doing well,” wrote the Humane Society. “Trooper is improving each day and Adam was neutered today and everything went great with him.”

Trooper Update: Gaining weight, eating well, loves attention and his comfort level is good!As for Adam, well, these pictures say it all!

Posted by The Broome County Humane Society on Friday, December 21, 2018

As you can see, Adam is doing really well, and he had a great time over the holidays. Follow Broome County Humane Society for further news. Or, you can call SP Homer at (607)749-1614 if you have any information on the evil people that did this to Trooper and Adam.

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Featured Image from Broome County Humane Society via Facebook

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