New Yorkers Are Smiling, This Fluffy Corgi Brings Out The Best In Them It's So Sweet

Bryan Reisberg gets smiles wherever he goes. However, he realizes that the smiles are not necessarily directed at him.  He carries his dog Maxine in his backpack to and from work and when he’s out and about the streets of New York City.  Maxine just has a way of brightening up everyone’s day.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work in offices that allow dogs,” Bryan said. “So I’ve been carrying Max to work since she was a puppy. And she loves it.” Bryan enjoys spending time with Maxine, and he soon realized that other people enjoy her too.  “I used to just take videos of her face resting on my shoulder because I thought it was funny and cute,” Bryan explains. “And then I noticed the reactions, and how happy she made people. And honestly, that made me happy. So I wanted to share that. I’ve lived in the city for almost 12 years and I’ve never seen so many people smile or laugh on a crowded subway train during rush hour.”

And who wouldn’t smile at this cute and furry face smiling back at you?  Would you smile if Bryan and Maxine walked by looking like this?

“This all started because I just wanted to bring my dog to work. It’s nice to be able to carry the adorable thing that makes people smile, and I’m honored just to witness all the nice interactions that Maxine has with strangers,” Bryan knows however that Maxine is the star of the show.   “Who are we kidding?” Bryan jokes. “I’m just the guy who carries the dog. Everyone just wants the dog. Fine.”

Maxine obviously brightens peoples’ days. But how does Maxine feel about all of this? “She loves people,” Bryan said.

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