New Cafe Opening In NYC–But It's Not A Normal Cafe

This summer, residents of New York City found out that the city would be opening a new puppy cafe! Now, they stand just weeks away from Boris & Horton’s soft opening. By the end of the month, they plan to fully launch their new cafe.

Coppy Holzman owns the shop with his daughter Logan Mikhly. The cafe offers coffee, food, wine, and beer. They designed it to be a friendly and chill environment. The cafe even has awesome living space. They modeled it after Japanese-style cat cafes. Holzman desires for it to feel like a typical coffee shop, but with the benefit of being with your dog.

They named the cafe after their own two dogs: Boris, a two-year-old pit bull mix, and Horton, a poodle-Chihuahua mix.

At Boris & Horton, you bring your dog with you while enjoying a cup of coffee. The owners hope to build a sense of community with their shop. Dogs tend to break the ice and start a conversation between everybody.

Available to customers, the company provides pastries from Balthazar and coffee from City of Saints. In the evening, they serve wine and beer until 11 pm.

Creating this building became a difficult and expensive task. Checking in with health department daily, they made sure their shop was up to par even with their furry friends involved.

To meet requirements, they divided the place into a “dog side” and a cafe side with food and drink sales. This way, dogs never have to enter the cafe space, and they have a window for owners to walk up and order.

They even have a trained staff to prevent pups from getting anxious or acting out. Non-dog owners still take part in the cafe. Holzman claims the shop will be a wonderful food and coffee destination. The dogs are just a bonus!

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