Adorable Newborn Elephant Meets The People Who Saved Her

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


It was clear the proud elephant mom couldn’t wait to show off her baby. The calf, who has since been named Lili, was only hours old — likely born only the night before.


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Loijuk has never forgotten the kindness of those who helped her. She even invited Benjamin Kyalo, the head keeper, to have a special moment with her newborn calf.


The calf named Lili by her human family was just born when Loijuk brought her by to visit. Loijuk clearly trusts her human family and wanted to bring Lili for them to meet. An elephant can be a fierce protector of her young. The fact that she brought Lili by for them to meet showed how much she trusted them. She even let Benjamin Kyalo, the head keeper have a special moment with Lili.


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Lili Met Benjamin Up Close And Personal


Rob Brandford, executive director of SWT recalls the special moment when Benjamin met Lili. “Benjamin was able to get close to Lili (who nestled into his legs), stroke her delicate newborn skin and breathe into her trunk, thereby letting her know who he was via his scent,” Rob said. “Elephants have an incredible memory and sense of smell and our keepers will often breathe into the orphans’ trunks so they can recognize who they are.”


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

“Loijuk has stayed close to the area around the unit, allowing our keepers to watch over her and check how she’s getting on,” Brandford said. “Considering September is the peak of the dry season in Tsavo, not the most favorable of conditions for a new baby, we are delighted that Loijuk has returned close to home so that we can help supplement her diet when she visits.”


“Lili has a brighter future ahead of her than many elephants,” Rob said, “and we look forward to watching this little girl grow up in the wild.”

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