Sneaky snake slithers into this grandma's bedroom, this was a nightmare

Scientists call the fear of snakes ophidiophobia. Since she lives in Thailand, the grandma in our story probably wasn’t afraid of snakes before. However, late one night as she slept, a sneaky snake slithered into her dark room and what happened next has made this sweet grandma afraid to go back into her room at all — let alone sleep there.


Kaew Sudsopha, the 75-year-old grandma, was sound asleep in Bangkok when the nightmare happened.

Kaew’s son Nakorn, 44, was asleep next door.

Nakorn installed a CCTV camera in his elderly mother’s room so that he could keep an eye on her.

So, now is your opportunity to scroll away if you are uneasy because we have the entire thing on tape.

Image Screenshot from VIralPress via Newsflare

So, as you can see in the video, which we posted below, Kaew slid her foot off the bed.

However, if you look closely, you can also see a sneaky snake, with its eyes literally glowing, headed right for the unsuspecting Kaew.


The snake crept ever closer, seemingly only curious about what it was looking at intially.

Image Screenshot from VIralPress via Newsflare

Unfortunately, at that point, Kaew started to wiggle her foot a little bit.

Well, the snake assumed her foot was a tasty treat and decided to go for it.


It only took Kaew a few seconds to realize that something was terribly wrong.

Image Screenshot from VIralPress via Newsflare

She jumped up, grabbed a flashlight, and realized her nightmare was happening in the waking world.


Next, Kaew, carefully stepping around the snake, ran into her son’s bedroom for help.

Nakorn immediately called for animal control. 

Now, that sneaky snake wasn’t quite finished making himself at home.

Image Screenshot from VIralPress via Newsflare

By the time animal control arrived, they found the snake had curled up on the toilet lid in the bathroom, as though it belonged there.


So, don’t fret, because the snake that bit Kaew is a python, and those are not venomous.

Physically, other than the pain from the bite, Kaew will make a full recovery.

Insofar as the snake is concerned, animal control unceremoniously dragged him out of the Sudsopha household and put him back where he belongs — in the wild.

Image Screenshot from VIralPress via Newsflare

As you can imagine, mentally, right now Kaew is afraid to go back into her room.

Once you watch the video, you will understand why.

Check out the video below:

We wish Kaew a speedy recovery.

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Featured Image Screenshot from VIralPress via Newsflare

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